4 Travel Tips to Follow to Steer Clear from Bed Bugs

Travel is the most common way for the bed bugs to disperse and repopulate. Bed bugs have a knack for hitching onto the human belongings and then drop off to create a new colony when they arrive at the next location. These pests can easily be found on airplane seats, overhead bins as well as in hotel rooms. Follow these tips to prevent an infestation during travel.

  1. Use a bed bug travel spray on your luggage before you head out

Treat your luggage with a bed bug spray before you leave your premises to exterminate all the insects if any that come in contact with the luggage surface. Leave your luggage in the sunlight a day before your travel. Let it dry and then pack your belongings.

  1. Make the most of the bed bug proof luggage liners

When you are packing your stuff, use the bed bug sealed luggage liners. Then seal it with a zipper before putting it inside a suitcase. It also reduces the number of cracks and crevices where the bed bugs can easily infiltrate into your luggage contents. If you invest in bed bug proof luggage, know that the lining doesn’t come in pre-built, and it doesn’t need to be purchased separately.

  1. Travel with a bed bug proof suitcase

A bed bug proof suitcase is all you need to keep the grosse punaise de lit to permeate your luggage. The luggage must have a hard out case with zero seams, zippered linings and a pre-built heater with timer to exterminate any insects at the needed temperature. This kind of luggage is deemed favorite by frequent travelers like the airline pilots who have to travel from one place to another and they are most prone to picking up insects and seeking innovative and effective bed bug travel protection ideas.

  1. When in hotel, inspect your room for bed bugs.

Peel off the covers of the mattress. Check if the mattress is immaculately clean and free of stains. If yes, then the room is bug free. Check the mattress for any kind of stains like fecal matter, blood spots etc. if you find anything similar, and check with the hotel manager and ask for another room. And ask them if this room was specially checked for bed bugs. No matter what the answer is, ask for another room. Also check around the headboard edges if there is any sign of anything crawling.