Alternative Ways to Increase Your Property’s Value

In many countries, the sale of properties is on the rise, despite the economic downturn brought about by worldwide Coronavirus lockdowns. According to an article in The Guardian from November 2020, the UK expects more than 100,000 extra homes sales by the end of March this year.

The goal of this article is to equip potential sellers with tips to increase the value of their property to maximise profits on the sale of their home.

Talk to a Pro

Speaking to a professional in the field of property sales such as estate agents in your area will help you gain insight into what prospective purchasers have on their home-buying wishlists. Having such knowledge will assist you in budgeting for the expenses to get your home ready for viewings.

Keep it Clean

For many readers, this may go without saying, but attending an open house in a clean home is something potential buyers remember. If the house is dirty or an unpleasant odour hangs in the air, it may leave them wondering how much they will need to spend on additional repairs after purchase. An excellent way to show off the full potential of your home is to clean it properly and have the estate agent stage it for you, with optimum furniture and loose accessories, such as scatter cushions or rugs.

Revamp the Bathroom

It may seem like an expensive endeavour to remodel the bathrooms within your home, but you will thank us later. When a home is sold after a bathroom facelift, the costs are almost always entirely recouped. Our recommendation is to opt for a contemporary, neutral colour scheme so that the purchaser can personalise the space when they move in.

Get Gardening

Starting a garden from scratch is not only hard labour, it is costly; so, for a buyer, having an already-established green space is one less thing into which they will need to plough cash. A beautiful garden immediately adds value to a property. Before viewings, ensure that the garden is free of weeds, the flowers are watered, and that the lawn is trimmed.

Add Space

Estate agents will often market your property by stating its size. Adding space to the home itself may be unaffordable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t increase the square footage. Some home buyers have added log cabins to their gardens, using them as a marketing tool by discussing their multifunctional advantages. These structures are available in all shapes and sizes as premade DIY kits, or you can request a custom-built one from the supplier.

Shiny and New

Purchasing new, shiny appliances for the kitchen is another superb way to increase the value of your property. Besides giving the buyer peace of mind that they won’t need to replace the cooker or refrigerator soon, replacing outdated equipment will instantly revive the heart of the home.

There are other avenues you can explore to enhance the value of your property, such as painting both the interior and exterior, changing the floors, updating the fixtures, or even moving doors. Our tips are simply to get you thinking.