Benefits of Privacy Fences


When you’re planning to add a fence to your property you have plenty of choices. While a cheap white picket fence does the job of marking the boundary lines, it doesn’t do much more. Instead, you may want to consider a privacy fence. You can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals to build a privacy fence for you. Let’s check out the benefits of a privacy fence.

The Benefits

  1. Privacy – As the name suggests, the greatest advantage of a privacy fence is privacy. Privacy fences are tall. Most privacy fences have a height of 8 feet or more. That’s why they can shield your activities from prying eyes. You can have a backyard pool party with your family or have a backyard barbeque with friends and family without worrying about curious neighbors. While maintaining good relations with your neighbors is important, privacy always takes priority.

Apart from having gatherings in your backyard, a privacy fence also shields whatever’s happening inside your home. For instance, if you have a large open porch connected to your home with sliding doors it’s easy to view what’s inside when you don’t have a privacy fence. You’ll always be on guard and won’t be able to have a comfortable time in your own home when you don’t have a privacy fence.

Moreover, with a privacy fence when your kids or pets go out to play in the backyard you don’t have to worry about suspicious strangers. Both your kids and pets stay hidden from strangers on the street, and you won’t hesitate every time your kids want to play around on the lawn without your supervision.

  1. Security – Another great advantage of a privacy fence is security. Privacy fences are visual blockades. A robber or a thief needs to plan out many things before they target your home. When their view is obstructed by a privacy fence, they have fewer options of looking at your entire property and aren’t able to plan a proper entry or exit strategy. While that’s not enough to keep determined criminals away from your home, it’s a solid deterrence. Your home becomes and feels more secure when you have a privacy fence.
  1. More value – As mentioned above, a privacy fence adds visual deterrence and increases the security of your home. You know that robbers know that and even insurance companies know that. That’s why building a privacy fence can drastically bring down the homeowner insurance rates. That means you pay a lot less for coverage and that difference adds up over the years to pay for the privacy fence. So, if you’re worried about the expensive cost of building a privacy fence, you can make it back with these kinds of savings.

A property that has a privacy fence and is well-maintained also gets a higher value when you try to sell it on the market. You may not be planning to sell your home anytime soon. However, it helps to know that you’ll get a higher value for your property when you decide to sell it off. Increased security is not the only reason for the value appraisal of your home.

A privacy fence that’s well-built with the right materials adds a lot to the curb appeal. Look around your neighborhood and check out the fences. Most homes that have a privacy fence look better and that’s why potential buyers are prepared to pay more for a home with a privacy fence. While building a privacy fence isn’t cheap, the cost is offset by the reduced insurance rates and the fewer robberies and theft attempts at your home.

  1. Animal boundary – You may have a very curious and friendly dog who likes to go out and greet the neighbors whenever he feels like it. While this wouldn’t be an issue in a rural setting, it’s quite dangerous in an urban environment. Even if the street right outside your home has a speed limit you can always count on idiots to go break the law for that adrenaline rush or some other stupid excuse.

If your pet goes out of your property without your supervision it may come across many accidents. When you have a privacy fence, you don’t need to worry about these things. Privacy fences are very tall. Around 8 feet or more. So, most small and medium-sized dog breeds don’t have the power to jump over it. Moreover, privacy fences can be made with certain materials that deter your dog’s ability to climb over.

  1. Weather and sound protection – If you live near a busy street or have frequent bad weather, you’ll love a privacy fence around your property. Privacy fences are basically giant walls. Depending on the material you chose for your privacy fence, it can become a great deflector of both sound and strong wind. With a privacy fence, you can block out the loud car noises from the street to a certain degree. When there’s a storm, your plants and other landscape structures get a lot of protection due to the privacy fence.
  1. You get to mark your property – Whenever you build a privacy fence or any type of fence, you need to pull up the property papers and call a surveyor to mark your property lines. Property lines are very important for maintaining neighborly relations. When you and your neighbors clearly know about your property lines you have fewer disputes.

There’s no argument about a leaning tree or something else. Moreover, you also get the opportunity to reduce costs when you work with your neighbor. When you build a shared fence with your neighbor you can divide the cost with your neighbor for mutual benefit. You can also be more neighborly and allow your neighbor to keep the better-looking side of the fence pointed away from your home.


Privacy fences are way more expensive compared to the traditional white picket fence. However, they make up for the price gap with major benefits like security and weather protection. You can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals to build an amazing privacy fence for you.