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Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Types of Rustic Light Fixtures That Can Help Refurbish Your Home


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, refurbishing your home using rustic lights can infuse the space with a nostalgic and otherworldly charm. When it comes to lighting and decoration, a lot of it depends on your personal taste and lifestyle choices. And, if you follow trends, you have to be on the lookout for what’s trending in the market. However, if you are a fan of rustic lighting, you can experiment with a variety of styles when refurbishing your home.

The Fixtures

Here are a few types of rustic lighting fixtures that you can use to refurbish your home:

  1. Cowboy and Western-inspired rustic light fixtures – Cowboy and Western-inspired rustic light fixtures are reminiscent of the old west. These include features such as unfinished wooden elements, wagon wheel designs, iconic imagery related to the cowboys such as intricate patterns like horseshoes, and more.

Incandescent bulbs are a great choice if you want to opt for such a style. They exhibit a warm temperature which helps to exude an old-time feel. And, if you can find products that feature muted brown tones and aged metals and glass, it can set the perfect rustic theme in your home.

  1. Nature-inspired rustic light fixtures – Rustic light fixtures that incorporate elements of nature look fantastic and can make your home decor quite unique as well. Typically, these include chandelier-style fixtures that feature deer antler designs, lamps that feature wood-grained bases to resemble trees, and more.

Similar rustic light fixtures that feature primitive and natural design elements can be perfect for outdoor spaces and also act as the focal point of your home decor in a certain location or room. These could include a blend of aged wooden accents along with metal elements to portray a beautiful synergy.

  1. Barn and farm Style inspired rustic light fixtures – When people think of rustic decor, they often think of barn and farm style decor since it’s quite popular throughout the country. If you are considering such a home decor style, you should choose light fixtures that exhibit an aged appearance and mimic the classic designs, style, and details of the past ages.

A prime example of such a type of rustic lighting fixture is the gooseneck barn lighting fixture. These fixtures come in classic metal tones such as black, white, bronze, and copper to achieve the same throwback look loved by many modern consumers. Plus, they also feature a bulb at the base of a large, rounded shape stem.

Another popular barn-style rustic lighting fixture is the old-fashioned mason jar-style glass housing for lamps.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you complement your home decor style and furniture with your rustic light fixtures to obtain the maximum impact. For instance, you could have elements in your home such as wrought iron matte metals, natural fabrics such as wool, linen, and burlap, animal influences such as deer antlers, warm neutral tones, reclaimed, unfinished, or distressed wood, rock, and stone accents and more.