Modern Kitchen Cabinet & Cupboard Design Ideas for Indian Kitchens

Designing the modern kitchen can be challenging as well as exhilarating. With so many styles and ideas available at our disposal, it can be confusing to select what we like best. With Indian kitchens, more and more people are moving past the traditional home design and opting for newer and creative home decor styles. The modern kitchen design definitely demands high functionality and stunning aesthetics, and cabinets and cupboards define a whole lot of utility and beauty in the kitchen.

So without much further ado, here are some of the best modern kitchen cabinet and cupboard design ideas for Indian kitchens that you must explore –

Sleek handleless kitchen cabinets

A great modern kitchen design style is sleek, straight lines in a neutral colour-palette. This design with sleek handleless kitchen cabinets looks utra-urbane. It is super sophisticated and creates a smooth slow throughout the kitchen design. Lots of people in the western culture love these designs in their homes, and it is now gaining popularity in Indian kitchens as well. It is simplistic as well as stylish and it works well with recessed lighting.

Wooden cabinets

There is no other material like wood, both in utility and appearance. Wooden finish in interior designs is a classic and is used in both traditional and modern designs. To incorporate it into the modern kitchen, you need to go for smoothened wooden surfaces with the grain going in one direction to achieve uniformity. This design is best completed with an in-built oven and an integrated cooktop, which makes the surfaces look smooth and neat. Alternatively, you can use wood veneers finished with laminates if you don’t want wood all the way.

Bold colour cabinets

The modern kitchen design gives the freedom to experiment and be brave. Here you can opt for bold colours on the cabinets. If you want to be a bit creative, go for solid hues like blue, silver, red, orange, black, and the like. You can have high gloss over the colours and make it shiny or matte according to your preference. Another idea is to alternate between bold and neutral colour palettes and make sure the kitchen has both pastel and bright colour shades. At times combination colours such as maroon and white also look really great.

Two-toned cabinets

When it comes to the modern kitchen design layouts, a very popular trend these days is the two-toned cabinet style. This style suavely pairs sage green and white cabinets together to create a visually stunning kitchen design. It uses horizontal frames that make the space look bigger and more elongated. There is also an in-built cooktop and a high arc faucet to go with it.

Minimalistic white cabinets

You can choose to go all classic with the minimalist approach. High gloss, white cabinets and cupboards form a large part of these minimalistic designs, which look sophisticated and uniform. However, overdoing it can make it look like a surgical hospital; so you want to balance it a bit with eye-catching pops of colour. This will make it look both stylish, and break the monotony at the same time.

So these are the modern kitchen cupboard and cabinet ideas for Indian kitchens you should know if you plan to do or redo your kitchen design.