Tips To Help You Shop For Your Home’s New Area Rugs!

Home décor shopping can always be tough, but finding new area rugs for your home can often be extremely stressful these days. This is partly because we’re all shopping for rugs online now, and our options truly are endless!

Choosing your next area rugs will require all sorts of important considerations that you’ll need to keep in mind, but it’s also important to remember that everyone is unique and only you will know which area rug is the best of the best.

We’ve partnered up with the rug experts at Rug Source to help us create this list of shopping tips, so keep the following in mind while you’re browsing online for your next rug purchases:

Choosing Between Countless Rug Styles

There are an endless amount of rug styles to chose from while online shopping, which is why rug shopping often tends to be pretty stressful. This is why it’s so important for online rug shoppers to first and foremost get a good grasp of what’s available to them, and what styles may be most preferable.

You’ll likely be choosing between Oriental, Persian, European and contemporary rug styles throughout most online vendor sites, so simply educating yourself on area rug styles will always go a long way to make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

And just remember that it’s not a race to find the perfect area rugs for your home, and beginning your search from a more knowledgeable point of view will always point you in the right direction!

Rug Colors Should Coincide With Your Room’s Existing Décor

Rug color should be a shopping filter that helps you narrow down your online search more efficiently, because it’s likely that you have a good idea in terms of which colors you want the most for your flooring’s décor.

A rug’s color should ultimately match your room’s existing aesthetics, but it’s also important to remember how your area rug’s colors can truly set the tone for your room’s overall ambience. So there’s no doubt about it that rug color is a major consideration to keep in mind, and you should remain open to several colors in order to get a good grasp as to what’s currently available via the online marketplace.

Rug Patterns Vary Dramatically

Another rug shopping factor to keep in mind is pattern, because rugs vary dramatically in terms of how they’re designed.

Some people want an intricately designed area rug, whereas others are more interested in solid patterns. Both aesthetic directions offer their pros and cons, and choosing your new rug’s patterns will always be a personal decision based up on your unique preferences.

The main thing you’ll have to ask yourself is: do I want my new area rugs to be subtle, or more eye-catching? Answering this question should help guide you towards a preferable rug pattern that you’ll love for decades to come!

Low-Pile Rugs vs. High-Pile Rugs

An area rug’s pile refers to its overall thickness, and there of course are plenty of differences between low and high-pile rugs. Low-pile rugs are usually easier to maintain and clean, and they also tend to be more affordable as compared to high-pile rugs.

High-pile rugs are usually very soft and cozy underfoot, which is why this style is often found in bathrooms and bedrooms. So the foot traffic of your preferred space will play a huge role in determining which direction you go with rug pile!

Online Rug Shopping Offers Many Material Choices

Rug material is always a huge shopping factor, and shopping online will provide you with plenty of material options to choose from.

The two major distinctions with rug materials are natural or synthetic. Some popular natural materials include wool, cotton, bamboo, jute and silk. Natural materials tend to be more durable and provide better design clarity, but these rugs also are more expensive as compared to synthetic rugs.

Some popular synthetic rug materials include nylon, microfiber, polyester and polypropylene. These rugs are a good option if you’re shopping for rugs on a tight budget, or want rugs that’ll be relatively easier to clean.

Area Rug Prices

Price should of course be another shopping factor that you keep in mind while browsing through rug vending websites, and the above factors will play major roles in ultimately determining how much rugs will cost.

For example, handmade rugs will always cost more than machine-made rugs, but the good news is that there are rugs at all price points for everyone’s budgets.

Contact Rug Source When You’re On The Online Hunt For Area Rugs!

Finding area rugs online can be a lot easier said than done, but when you shop through reputable vendors like Rug Source, everything gets a lot easier. Rug Source has become known throughout the rug industry for providing unparalleled customer support and shipping policies, so you can rest easy knowing there’s an expert that’s just a phone call away when you have questions.

You can get in touch with the Rug Source team when you click through the link at the top of this article that goes to their area rugs webpage!