What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Dining Tables

Outdoor dining tables should allow you to enjoy your outdoor space without thinking about the threat of damage from the elements, or the required maintenance and cleaning in order to keep them looking presentable and functional. While the number of outdoor tables on the market makes it more likely you’ll find something that fulfils all of your criteria, it also makes the process a bit more time-consuming. This article will go over some specific things to look for when it comes to buying outdoor dining tables.

The Size of Your Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space may seem bigger in your mind than it actually is in reality. Outdoor dining tables can be nearly impossible to accurately visualise in your outdoor space without knowing the specific measurements and dimensions of the space itself.  The worst thing is finding an outdoor table and falling in love with it only to realise after your purchase that it simply won’t fit in your space or renders the space awkward and difficult to move around in.

Getting an accurate gauge of the size and dimensions of your outdoor space will help you immediately filter out outdoor dining tables that may be inappropriately sized for the space, which not only streamlines the search process, but also ensures you don’t go through the heartbreak of purchasing the wrong table for your space.


Another good preliminary step to take before looking at outdoor dining tables is to work out your budget so you don’t overspend on the purchase. Most outdoor tables will come in sets, usually accompanied by matching chairs and an assortment of other accessories. If you’re on a tight budget, however, it’s perfectly fine to purchase the outdoor table by itself and add chairs, accessories and other decorations to the set slowly over time. This not only reduces your upfront spend but may also help you build up a unique collection of outdoor furniture rather than just the generic furniture that comes in sets.

Required Maintenance

Maintenance requirements are also an important consideration when it comes to looking at outdoor dining tables. Most outdoor furniture requires at least some degree of maintenance in order to preserve the materials and counteract weather elements. Taking into account maintenance requirements will force you to assess your level of commitment when it comes to your outdoor furniture. For instance, most wood outdoor furniture requires the use of special wood treatment products as well as more mindful cleaning tactics which can be time-consuming and will require some learning to do properly. Looking at your choices from the perspective of how much routine maintenance you’re willing to commit to acts as another way to filter out many options at once and narrow down your choices.


The style of your outdoor furniture will also be a critical factor, as the aesthetics of outdoor dining tables can dictate how the space feels for guests. While the style of furniture you choose will invariably come down to personal preference, certain styles and materials will demand higher budgets as well as different degrees of maintenance and cleaning.